Monday, August 15, 2005


(Sung to the tune of Joe Hill)

I dreamed I was near Crawford town
Beneath the Texas sun
A-standing in the noonday heat
To watch Bush come undone,
To watch Bush come undone.

His nemesis, a grieving mom,
Had come to question why
For ego, oil or something else
Her cherished lad must die,
Her cherished lad must die.

“Young Casey died for freedom’s sake,”
The chickenhawks replied,
And Bush endorsed that sad cliché
And hoped she would subside,
And hoped she would subside.

The powermongers and their fans
Watched Cindy stand, and flinched.
But all their vile invective failed,
She wouldn’t budge an inch.
She wouldn’t budge an inch.

Now joining her in vigil pure,
A million voices pause
To ask our leisure-loving prez,
“What is that noble cause?”
“What is that noble cause?”

But Cindy still with patience waits,
The hope of peace ignites,
Reminding us how one brave soul
Can bring a nation light
Can bring a nation light.

I dreamed I saw young Casey smile
As he watched Cindy plea
To save some other mothers' sons
I think he would agree.
I think he would agree.


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