Friday, December 30, 2005


(Sung to the tune of the old hymn
This Is My Father's World):

This is George Bush's world --
I tremble at the thought
That Cheney rules while Dubya drools
And rants about terrorist plots.

This is George Bush's world
Where fear absolves his crimes;
It lets him lie, on the people spy --
It's all justified by the times!

This is George Bush's world,
9/11 changed it all.
Bush said invade, it's a new crusade,
And henceforth I'm above the law.

This is George Bush's world
And its wealth meant for the few.
To fund tax breaks for the well-heeled's sakes
Assistance to the poor he'll eschew.

This is George Bush's world,
It reflects his hopes and dreams
For power, greed, and a zealot's need
To dominate us all with his schemes.

This is the Bushies’ world
But it’s only theirs on lease
In three years’ time we can boot the slime,
Restore our nation’s honor and peace.


Blogger Mystified said...

Righteous, dudette!

1:28 PM  

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